Thursday, January 29, 2009

quick and dirty 11-??

click to see em bigger.


i'm going to be a super creep and stay up at night drawing my boyfriend in bed. might wear one of those headband flashlights...

people just look really happy when they're sleeping.
i want to spend valentines hibernating in bed with him.

super dead day at work.
just finished my first and only appointment and i'm gunna sit down for the next four hours to doodle some more of these portraits while i watch richard work his magic. thanks to everybody who is participating.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

quick and dirty 04.

i use to talk to ray when i lived in NS. 
don't really know how he's doing now, but his beard still intimidates me. 

quick and dirty 03.

b9 qt. 
10 minute scribble before i crash. 
everybody should have dimples.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

quick and dirty 02.

this is alix. 
all i know is that greg posts lots of pictures of her. 
which makes me think they're pretty happy. 
i miss the OE game.


this painting got ruined by having biocare spilled all over it. awesome. 

justin wears that hat all the time. 
he is the cuddliest of teddy bears. 
but he will rip your face off if you wrong the ones he loves. 
he gives me a lot of good ideas for paintings. 
i'll one up this won't be hard.

quick and dirty 01.

i work with this guy named richard vega who does really beautiful portraits. it's inspiring. it also makes me want to chop off my hands because i suck so bad. i never ever do realism. i'm shooting for a new goal to do a portrait sketch every day. just quick 10 minutes skribbles. just enough to get my brain thinking about them. 

this is katherine. 
sometimes she takes really 'myspace' type angled pictures. 
sometimes she looks like me in her photos. 
she's pretty cool and she likes leftover crack. 

i feel like i'm back in grade 9 sketching really ugly portraits. 
sorry katherine, you're prettier than this. 
i'll get better. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

01. sara moffatt

sara moffatt is 5'2".
sara moffatt appreciates a good hat. 
sara moffatt requires an elegant frame. 
sara moffatt is a gangster.